Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Mostly Irises

Here are some photos of our garden.

At this time of year the main interest is the irises. We bought them in May 2007 from a nursery called Les Senteurs du Quercy in the south of the Lot, where they have several hectares of irises growing in their fields. This is their website.   We first read about "Les Senteurs" in a magazine and decided to visit them. As well as irises they also specialise in sages and plants that like dry conditions. We could not resist the beautiful fields of irises and ordered six different varieties for collection in late July. Since they were in flower we could easily imagine the colour combinations but it still took us several hours. While we waited for them to be lifted I prepared the planting sites with loving care and this is the result. When we collected them they gave us quite a few free plants as well and they are just as lovely. Everyone has pale blue irises here, they are so easy to grow and need little care, but the more unusual colours are not often seen. A couple of the local gardeners, have already asked for some plants when we divide them next year!
The blue wild flowers are native sages in our meadow. Interestingly some of them have mutated into an attractive pink.


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