Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Oscar and Oscar-Nini the Sweet Corn Monster

Once upon a time there was a little boy called Oscar. He was a lovely little boy and he was very good.
Oscar adored sweet corn. One day he was eating his dinner and he had not just one, not just two, not just three, not just four, but FIVE pieces of sweet corn. Then his sister Georgia asked for a piece of his sweet corn.
Suddenly he changed into a monster. His hair went all green, spiky and stood up on end, his face went all yellow and he started spitting little yellow pieces of sweet corn all over everybody and everything. Pfft! Pft! Pft! He went.
He spat over the table, he spat over Mummy, he spat over Daddy, he spat over Georgia. Pfft! Pft! Pft!  There were little pieces of sweet corn everywhere! Help! Help! Oscar-Nini the sweet corn monster has appeared. “What we can do?" said Mummy.
Oscar-Nini ate everybody’s sweet corn and then he started to yell.
Aaaargh, he screamed. “I’m hungry, where's my sweet corn?"
Mummy didn’t know what to do. Daddy said “perhaps he likes carrots?”.
They gave him a carrot; he took one bite, spat it out and carried on yelling.
They gave him a radish; he took a bite, spat it out and carried on yelling even louder. "Aaargh, aargh", yelled Oscar-Nini! He was a real monster!
They gave him some spinach; he didn't even chew it but just spat it out and yelled and yelled. "Aaargh! Aargh", screamed Oscar-Nini! They gave him a raspberry; he put it in his mouth, but then spat it out and yelled even more. "Aaargh! Aargh", screamed Oscar-Nini the sweet corn monster!

“Why don’t you give him a strawberry?” said Georgia, who was fed up with all the yelling.
So they gave Oscar-Nini, the scary yellow sweet corn monster, a strawberry and suddenly all was quiet.
His hair went blonde and flat, his face went pink and their little lovely boy Oscar had reappeared.
“Please can I have another strawberry?” said Oscar.


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