Tuesday, 16 March 2010

The Wire - Expletives Deleted!

Yo Lisa! What up gal?
Down here in da south we all out’ta yellow top. We be waitin’ on a re-up coming down from da north but there a problem wi da package, cos da bagman was holed up at San Michel waitin’ for da white stuff to melt, and now he got trouble in da family he cain’t fix so he don’t be wantin’ no bother wid no brown stuff. So now we be getting da fix from da red top but it don’t got da same kick.

Stringer Bell alias Idris Elba

Stinkum bin got las’ nigh and dat bad c*ck s*cker Omar he done the gettin’. Bey got one in the leg. The five-o know what bin goin’ down but they protectin’ him cos he their witness.
Avon he heavy, but dat Stringer, he gonna ring his bell one day, he da man. Macroeeeconomics an’ eeelasticity, whad is all dat sh*t?

Down here in da South we bin hearin’ ‘bout da brothers on da east coast done bin organisin’ a Tee party. I say’d ta ma shorty, “Tee whad is dat stuff “? How come dem brothers don’ get dusty usin’ coke like us normal ni***rs. But she don’t know nuttin’, so when I crossed dat Stringer yesterday I done put him da question, dat Stringer, he smart man, wi’ da college an’all. He say’d I ain’t heard it righ’ an’ it don’t be no brothers havin’ no Tee party but a bunch o’ white dudes from Boston ‘bout 200 years ago. I say’d “sh*t man! Who care about all dat stuff now’a days”? He say’d some white shorty name o’ S*r*h P*l*n bin tryin’ ter stir up dem East Coast whiteys fo’ da next elecshun an’ it all be “symbolic”. I don’ get dat “symbolic” sh*t but String’ he say’d dat if dat S*r*h P*l*n get elected it all goin’ get ver’ heavy fo’ us brothers in da game an’ dat we all gotta know about dat stuff.

So las’ nigh’, after a day slingin’in the Pit, I was catchin’ a bit o’ whitey news on dat Foxey channel when ma shorty done gone asked me if I want’d some Tee. Man I dain’t know what ter say! I started gettin’ to thinkin’ if she ain’t bin seein’ dat Stringer on da side!
 See y’all

Jay Jay
Apologies to David Simon and the writers of "The Wire".  All five seasons are excellent!