Sunday, 14 October 2012

An Alcohol Tester in Every Car

Whilst Sarkozy was in power it was announced in November 2011 , as part of a series of measures concerning road safety, that from 1st July 2012 all drivers should carry a functional alcohol tester with them.  These devices cost one euro each and I tried to buy one in July but everyone was out of stock.  So that was the first problem.  Plenty of speculation ensued that the manufacturers were friends of Sarkozy but I think that the whole package, which included more speed cameras and devices which display your speed, was a rather pathetic and rare attempt to manipulate the media in order to gather a few votes for being in favour of “road safety”.
In October, when they announced that the law would be applied seriously, Anna found some in a shop, but she was complaining that the manufacturers say that they must be stored at less than 40 deg C.  In this part of France the temperature this August went up to 37 deg OUTSIDE the car so inside it was probably more than 50 deg when it was parked.

Anna wasn’t going to buy them on principle until she saw the name!  Yes that’s right “Le Turdus”!