Thursday, 16 September 2010


Before we moved to France in 2006 I was inspired by the display of ornamental grasses in Kew Gardens (now sadly partly destroyed by a wide path that they have built through the middle of it)and I wanted to create something similar in our garden but on a smaller scale.   
It is a much more continental climate here than in West London. The summers are hotter and drier, the winters are colder and we are on a high pH clay soil over limestone rock. Fortunately there are many grasses which tolerate these harsh conditions.
After a couple of alterations and additions to the original design I am now quite pleased with the result.  I love the variety of forms and colour as well as the way they move in the breeze. They are at their best at this time of year so here are a few pictures on a couple of slideshows.  You can see them better by clicking on this link to the Picasa web album

...and in vertical format.


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