Saturday, 19 March 2011


On Thursday 17th I heard a cuckoo. Muscari and daffodils are flowering, and small fresh green leaves are appearing on the shrubs. Today on 19th March, I saw the first swallow of the year. One swallow doesn’t make a summer but it's certainly the start of spring!

Yesterday, whilst we were doing a 13km walk around St Michel de Bannieres, I told Christophe about the cuckoo and he asked if I had had money in my pocket at the time. He explained that if, when you hear the first cuckoo you have money in your pocket, then you are guaranteed prosperity for the whole year. Unfortunately I was in my dressing gown! He also said that he has two nightingales singing near his place, which is down in the valley. They haven't arrived here yet but I love the song of nightingales and there is usually a couple nearby. They sing day and night during the season, which lasts for about six weeks. At night they sound really loud because there is no other birdsong or man-made noise to compete with them.

I found these excellent videos by Paul Bunyard on Youtube. Congratulations Paul on the photography and sound recording!

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